Hi to all whom may read this 🙂

I am opening this blog to reflect on everyday life. I can’t always express my thoughts in words. It’s not that I don’t have anyone to talk to but it’s that I have so many ideas and thoughts that I would never stop talking and I already talk a lot!

This blog will be just that my thoughts, not always nice and pure about all areas of life. Mainly though I will be reflecting about motherhood as I just became a mom of a beautiful baby girl in December. It has definitely made my life fuller and happier 🙂

Looking forward to connect with other parents out there and share similar thoughts and experiences.

In my posts I will definitely defend some people. That’s just inevitable when one has an opinion and with so many different personality types. Please keep in mind that if you are reading something you don’t agree with you can just simply explain your point without bashing my point of view. I will try to be respectful as well although I do have a very direct way of expressing what I think and I definitely don’t like sugar coating things.


One thought on “Intro

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