How we do Easter at home

I have a total love/hate relationship with Easter. Taking the entire religion aspect of it out of this post because religion is not the best thing to be discussed. I love it because it’s a gift free holiday, I also love it because it’s in the spring and most of the time the greenery is more green! 🌿🍃🌷I only hate it because here in the US it lasts one day 😦

So, all the religion aspects away, I used to love Easter back when I lived in Poland. Preparations started at least a week before Easter. I remember, the smell of the clean house. Usually the house got cleaned from top to bottom; window washing, taking everything out of the closets and going through all the junk, washing curtains etc. General Spring Cleaning I would call it 🙂

As a kid I did not like all the cleaning activities but I enjoyed that freshness of the clean house after it was all done!

Then the food. My mom prepped a lot but I remember that my mom would prep the savory dishes and not so much cake. Cakes belonged to my Babcia (Grandma) Tereska! Boy was she a good baker😋😋 Luckily we ALL got the gene from her, yay! I used to dip my finger in all the batters she made for the cakes even though she would fuss that I might get sick. Let me tell you, I am glad I did, because the first time

I ever made an apple cake I knew after tasting the batter that it’s the right taste and the right consistency 🤓

The only thing no one can replicate is a three layered cake 🍰 that she made oh so often, pretty much for everyone’s birthday, every year, the same cake, always AMAZING. The kicker, my grandma not always baked the cake

Itself, she would buy ready to cream chocolate cake that was even already cut into three pieces. Didn’t matter, each time the cake was perfect. My mom and her sisters all have the recipe, and it just doesn’t come out this way.

As a kid we always spent the Easter Morning first at my dad’s Grandmothers House or his Aunts house (his mother was here in the US) and afterwards we would go to my mom’s parents and we would spend the rest of the day there. Eat, church, more eating, play time, eat repeat the same thing the next day with emphasis on Play. Oh yea, Monday, was a HOLIDAY as well.

In Poland it was Lany Poniedziałek (Wet Monday) or Smigus Dyngus. These used to be two different things by the way. Smigus was a tradition to spray yourself or others with cold water which symbolized spring cleaning from dirt and germs. And Dyngus meant expedition, the tradition was to visit friends, family and random people.

Throughout centuries this Easter Monday tradition stayed with us in Poland. I also heard stories about the fact that if you got

Sprayed with water by a boy it meant you are dear to his ❤️ 🙂 As kids we practiced for Easter Monday for more than a week. There were days I would come home soaking wet after school. It was so much fun, we played war with water. Almost like a snow ball fights but with water balloons.

There was also the third day, just to chill out and rest after eating so much!

So now the way we do it here in the States. The prep is the same but same, clean the house from top to bottom, bake lots of cakes and make food that would feed an army 😃

And all of that just for one day 😦

So this week has been horrendous. With the baby girl being only 15 weeks I still don’t get a full night sleep. Since Monday I am cleaning and prepping the food and I don’t see much progress. Tomorrow and Saturday will be hell. My mom and I don’t work best under pressure. We are screamers and we fight for the stupidest of reasons. The pressure is there because we want the Holidays to seem, smell and taste just like the Holidays in Poland.

Also this year it’s only us. My parents, my brother, I, hubby and the new addition, Emilka! It should be interesting and fun😃 It’s her first Easter so there will be lots of pictures 😃

Oh, I almost forgot! We bless our food for Easter!! We prep a little basket of food and we take it to church for blessing. The main things that go into the basket are bread, hard boiled eggs, kielbasa (sausage) salt and paper. People also put some sweets and the decorate the basket and some parents will go as far as making separate baskets for their kid :). I am making a special basket for Emilia this year, her formula will go in there plus few other things 🙂

We go for the food blessing on a Saturday and Sunday morning before eating breakfast we share the contents of the basket 🙂

Happy Easter to everyone that is celebrating!Cheers!

2 thoughts on “How we do Easter at home

    1. 😃❤️ Thank you
      Writing this post made me happier about all the work that is still to be done.

      It also reminded me about my moms’ sisters, they are just going into full swing mode! They do things last minute 😂😂😂
      They will be arguing to 😝 and there are lots of Polish households all over the world that are acting in similar patterns. 😃

      Cannot wait to eat all of that goodies!
      We also fast today and tomorrow, no meat, no sweets, just eating simple food 🙂

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