The Churn of a Mother

I felt the anxiety with each dr visit

My stomach churned in the anticipation to hear your little heart beat

The hours before you were born were full of nerve wrecking  anticipation

I was ready to meet you, my baby girl

The churn in my pit will never fade when it comes to your safety ❤

As I will never stop being your mother

and you will never stop being my daughter

Forever we are linked ❤




Daily Prompt – Churn

6 thoughts on “The Churn of a Mother

  1. Lovely! I felt exactly the same way with both kids, and now with my son a year away from starting school that anxiety has me wanting to hyperventilate sometimes. That churning worry just never ends. It’s like mom’s best friend who isn’t actually very nice and should be broken up with but won’t stay gone for long.


    1. Omg, I am on the phase of getting a nanny for a few hours during the week so I can work a bit on my business and just run errands faster 🙂

      With that said, I tell each nanny that I interview that at first she should expect me to be in and out throughout the time she is babysitting 🙂

      I will go crazy when she goes to school for an entire day

      Yes, we will just never stop to worry. I can see it still in my mom. She constantly worries about us.

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