How do I skip Toddlerhood??? :D

Can I give away my baby for the toddler years and then possibly get her back?? No, seriously I think I will lose my mind when she is about 2-5 and is going to go wild.

Emilia has a babysitter 3 days a week so I can go to work at a local cafe. I leave the house so that I don’t get distracted.

Well, today I got about 1hr of uninterrupted work time. Why, you ask? Because there came about 3 mothers with 4 kids, ALL TODDLERS. I was about to lose it, even though I had my headphones on and the sound on pretty loud, I still heard those little devils.

All I could think of was ‘Ha! Wait another year when Emilia is 16 months and you will be one of those annoying mothers at a cafe chasing your daughter.’ Yea, that is what was on my mind instead of my work, and I kept thinking how the hell will I survive it. I kind of have a plan and let’s face it, I need a plan. I am such a OCD person, that I need complete control of everything 🙂 So here is my plan for the toddlerhood, because I obviously cannot give my daughter away for a few years  😀

  • First of all, let’s just agree that there will be places  I will avoid with her.
    • Like a small local cafe, isn’t the greatest place for a small kid ready to explore everything.
    • Dinner at a fancy restaurant? I think NOT. I will make sure the place has an outdoor area and maybe some sort of kids area. Looks like we will be eating at ChuckyCheese for a while 😀
  • I can totally find places where my full of energy child will feel amazing. Such as classes at gym that are designed for moms (or dads) with little kids. There are lots of programs at local libraries for kids and parents. So you can have something to do during those winter months.
  • I will need to talk a LOT to my daughter. My parents didn’t talk much when I was little. My dad didn’t have to say anything to me, his eyes said it all. Also my punishment for not behaving was going home early. There was no joke when my father told me we are leaving in 5 minutes because you are not acting normal, that was it, 5 minutes and we were on our way home. Also there were usually some spanking involved, depending how badly I acted and how many times my dad had to tell me to calm down. Now, I am TOTALLY AGAINST spanking, For NOW 😀 No, I am very serious about this. I don’t want to spank my child. I know what it did to me and I absolutely don’t want that with my daughter. I think lots of talking and explaining is a key. Probably some screaming will be involved.
  • Punishment and Rewards system and consistency. Now, this is something that totally works. I know from my own experience, I knew that I couldn’t fool around with my father. He always kept his word and once he said NO, it meant just that. There was no changing his mind no matter who tried to advocate for me. I loved when he said ‘maybe’, because maybe meant negotiations can take place. You see, I do believe that for every action there should be a consequence and kids are smart, they will learn very quickly whether you are weak or not. I have seen examples of this, it’s very easy to see whether the kid is in charge or the parent. I remember my cousin told her kids that if they don’t clean up their room by certain hour she will pack up their toys and send them away to good kids. What happened? They didn’t clean up their room, so my cousin did what she told them and she packed up their toys into bags and packed into the car. No, she did not give them away, but the kids have been very good about cleaning up their room ever since then.

I will be looking out for more ideas from other parents, but for now I do have a blueprint for what I will want to do, life shall verify this. I guess there will be a posts all along toddlerhood to let you know how I am doing.

Now, all I can do is pray because my daughter has some temper! Little 4 year old and she can totally rule my day based on her mood 🙂 But I keep talking to her, like when she screams for no obvious reason, I go up to her and ask her what all the fuss is about. She cannot answer yet but I am a firm believer that she is understanding me. Hopefully, that really is the case 🙂


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