Reflection on Being a Mom

As this years’ Mother’s Day approaches, I have slightly informed my husband not to forget that I am now a mom and our daughter is too little to think of a gift 😀

Honestly though, I really don’t need a gift. My baby girl is my gift. Becoming a mother is a gift in its self, I don’t need any material gifts that get forgotten anyways. I cannot wait until Emilia is old enough to craft her own cards and other arts. I used to love making hand-made cards for my mom when I was little even though I couldn’t do art to save my life 😀

Motherhood is not an easy task, some say it’s a full-time job and I agree.  It is the most rewarding job in the entire world, that smile I get every morning gives me enough energy for the upcoming day. No job I have previously held gave me this much fulfillment.

Being a mom changed me a lot, I am surely not the same person that I have been before. Here are some reflections on how motherhood has impacted my life:


  • The need to protect my family (my husband and my daughter) has become my highest priority. – I am like a lioness when people try to somehow hurt my family. It doesn’t have to be physical harm. The other day I was walking my daughter with other ladies and it was sunny, so I had this nice cover over her stroller. This cover is cool because it is a cloth with a hole in it so that I know that the flow of air is good. One girl in the group asked me if I am not scared that she is too hot in there. As I told her no and that there is nice airway for my baby she continued telling me how she would be freaked out. I just restated my point again; MY BABY HAS AIR! Really woman? This example also encompasses my next point


  • I have way more appreciation for my mom. I LOVE my mom and always have loved her but becoming a mom brought on another level of understanding and appreciation for my mom.


  • Motherly instinct really does kick in and I as a mom know best what my baby needs. There is no joke in this, and every mom is the same. I hate when I know why my baby is crying and onlookers will make other suggestions. It happened yesterday, not to me, but to another mom. There was 3 of us and we took our daughters for a walk, Baby A was crying, I thought it sounded like a tired cry but did not say a word because I know it would drive me crazy if someone told me what to do with my crying baby. Mother B suggested maybe she takes the baby and tries to calm her down. WHAT?! No way, I would be so mad 😀 Mother of baby A was definitely mad, I heard it in her response. I know Mother B was just trying to be helpful, but all Mom A heard was ‘You are doing it wrong’, no joke, that is definitely how she took it, most mothers react similarly to such comments.


  • I feel the need of taking a picture of everything to capture ALL the great moments. NO joke, I have about 4,000 photos of my daughter, and she is 5 months old! 😀 I wonder if I ever make the albums that I am planning to do. I at least want to have her 1st year album to be special, I have so many pictures from my childhood and my parents have so many albums! It all ended when digital photos took over. I want to print a lot of pictures, because it is so much fun to look over a paper album than a digital one.


  • Taking a shower every morning can be skipped, and sometimes brushing my hair has to wait a day too. I don’t need to look like a human being all together as long as my daughter is fed and smiling. – By the way, I do take a shower every day, it just might happen after my husband gets home.


  • Planning ahead is not so easy with a baby. I learned that yes planning is hard but what really is the challenge is to keep on the schedule. For example, if I plan out to be out with the baby by 11 I truly have to start preparing from about 9 am. In the colder days it really did take me about 45 minutes to leave the house, from the start of changing my daughter to the time when we were downstairs ready for the walk and usually it felt like a workout! My baby hated being dressed! Thank goodness it’s warm because it was torture putting on layers on that baby.


  • I learned that I cannot do it all, and that’s okay. I took on remote work thinking that I will be able to take care of the baby and work. Not so easy! Even with Emilia still napping a lot it is very challenging to concentrate and do thinks while she is in her crib. Also, my baby is on a high alert, when she senses mommy is busy, it’s show time! So, I asked my friend to come 3 times a week and either take the baby out, so I can work, or she stays in with her when the weather is not so good, and I leave and do my work in a café.


It’s hard to express how grateful I am that I have the chance to experience being a mom. I am also happy that for now I don’t have to do full time 9a to 6pm where I would have to leave the house before 8 and come back after 7 and not see my baby! I am totally not bashing any moms that are doing that, because there might come a time that I will need to do it as well but for now I am enjoying the baby to the fullest and when I do work it’s never more than 6hrs a day, so I can still enjoy my baby girl on those days.

The beginnings are not easy, there are lots of adjusting. You as a parent are not sleeping a lot. Actually, on that sleep not, you will probably not have a full night sleep for a while. Even when my husband does take over on the weekend I do wake up to her fussing in the bad or I wake up in the middle of the night just to check on her even though she sleeps in the bedroom with us.

But I wouldn’t change any of it, EVER. Being a mom is truly the best gift.

3 thoughts on “Reflection on Being a Mom

  1. This is wonderful! Motherhood truly is an experience and teaches us so much about ourselves and those we love.
    Would you mind if I share this as part of my plan of celebrating moms this month?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I didn’t think this little human would have so much impact on how I think about certain things 🙂

      I don’t mind at all, share away 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wonderful and thank you! I’m planning on starting this series next week, after Mother’s Day, but so we can continue to celebrate moms afterwards and not have to wait until next year.


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